Ready Sets

Let your inner stars shine! Enjoy this joyful, colorful set of stars.

The sea of love is here!


Celebration of Stars on your hand!

With a silver shiny finish and symbols of love, you can't go wrong with this cute and joyful bangle and its charmfull charms.


An inspirational "Believe in Love" charm, together with a special heart shape and our SOUL MATE sparkle stone. The Eiffel tower is a charming bonus! Romance is in the air.


Our SERENITY sparkle blue stone is a constant reminder of the deep sea; its beautiful color and calmness at times.


It's all about faith with this fabulous bangle and charms. Include our LOVE sparkle green stone.


Feel the garden magic! Our LOVE green sparkle stone, together with the garden symbols.


As always, it's all about love! This stunning set of charms and bangle include our SOUL MATE sparkle stone.

With it's beautiful bronze color and style, this charm will make a unique gift for yourself or for a loved one!
Both hearts are connected with love and care, reminds us that together we can do anything, and that the power of unity is the strongest ever.


Feel the magic of Paris with these adorable charms. Include our HAPPINESS sparkle stone.


Eye is the symbol of protection. Together with this beautiful HAMSA and our SERENITY sparkle stone, you get a stunning piece of jewelry.


A joyful set of lovely charms! Include our beautiful PEACE inspirational sparkle stone.

A message of love and peace is coming to you.

It's the perfect time for love!

Have a constant reminder of your vacation time! These beautiful charms will give you the great feeling of summer, beach and boat.

It's about love and life - rose, tree and flower are symbols of life, and with a lovely LOVE charms they make a stunning jewelry!

Follow your dreams with this gorgeous set of charms!

Fantastic Yoga style bangle with great sybols of calmness and serenity. Include our special SERENITY sparkle blue stone.  

What's a better way to show LOVE than this bangle and all those cute love icons? "I Love You" charm, key to your heart, silver style heart and our special PASSION sparkle red stone. Even cupid himself joined the celebration of love!

The tree of life is combined with heart, flower and our special SUCCESS sparkle stone.

One beautiful bronze color  long string of flowers.

Sail away with this charming bangle and some of the nicest charms we've got! Include our SUCCESS sparkle stone.

One strong statment of faith. Made with Love by Lune & Soul.

If you love angels, this is the bangle for you! Include our special SOUL MATE sparkle stone.