Our Story

Luna and Soul live and breath design and spirituality. They work together for couple of years, bringing new creative Ideas and beauty to the world around them. Their online store aims to showcase jewelry pieces that stand above the rest with their exceptional beauty and grace; each piece conveys a message of love and light to the world.
Luna & Soul designs are unique with their fine contemporary craftsmanship; each and every piece combines new technology with timeless techniques.

Luna & Soul design favorites include renowned spiritual symbols. A message of unity comes from the beautiful blend of most religions and spiritual groups. Among the jewelry pieces you will be able to find Buddha, Cross, Star of David, Sun & Moon, Om, Kabbalah Letters, and the list goes on and on. Each piece captures within much creativity and innovation, and of course – a great energy of love that is symbolized by Luna & Soul’s designs. The idea behind it is for the person wearing the jewelry to get the message of love and to forward it to the world around them.

We design, create and ship all over north America!

New York, NY:
420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 300,
New York, NY 10170

Toronto, Canada:
2300 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4R 1V2